How to implement Helm subcharts

As part of my work as a DevOps Engineer in my company, I was in charge of building services Helm charts for deployments. One of the things I personally hated the most was working with multiple microservices with their own Helm Chart. As the company began its journey to Kubernetes, we decided to include the microservice chart inside its application git repo. So the repo tree would look something like this:

├── apps
├── deploy
│ └── chart
│ ├── templates
│ └── values.yml
├── docs
├── ...

The problem is that, when…

The power of Kubernetes plus the security of Hashicorp Vault

Once your Kubernetes clusters starts to grow, managing secrets can be a challenge. Yaml definitions of secrets are base64 encoded, so finding errors could be quite difficult. And yes, you could use a tool to convert these secrets from an env file, to a Kubernetes secret yaml definition using a simple python script for example. Maybe even have these stored in a S3 Bucket, but where’s the security in that?. If you’re serious about security in Kubernetes, you need a secret management tool that provides a single source of secrets, credentials, attaching security policies, etc. …

Ariel Viñas

Co-founder of Craftech & infrastructure enthusiast!

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